Lighting is all about LED lighting (light emitting diode) these days. Its technology that has been around since the 70`s but wasn’t seen in the form of lighting since about a decade ago. There are many benefits to using LED lights.
LED Lighting Benefits
  • Efficient – cheap to operate.
  • Are warm to touch - Don’t get hot like some older technologies used to. Not a fire risk
  • Can be insulated over the top of. This enables your home to be even more energy efficient.
  • Last for long periods of time – generally rated for 30,000 – 50,000 hours.
  • Reduces maintenance time – often these lights don’t even use globes anymore as they are just chips on a printed circuit board.


Bryce Electrics install all forms of lighting from:

  • LED Downlights. Provides a nice clean even light without being a focus point, dimmable and can even change colour from warm white/cool white/daytlight.
  • LED battens. Like the old fluorescents but much better. Great for garages, under houses etc.
  • Oyster lights. Thousands of styles, shapes, and colours. Great for bedrooms, hallways etc. Are also dimmable and colour changeable.
  • Pendant lights. You choose from a lighting shop and we fit for you.
  • External lights. Controlled by a simple switch or a movement sensor. Lots of possible options.
  • Garden lighting. Typically, 12 volt or 24 volt so the wiring is not dangerous if you damage it! Lights are pushed into the ground on a spike. Aimed onto pathways and or trees/bushes. Looks great at night time.


What our clients say...

I was impressed with his attitude towards work. There were a lot of things to do and he efficiently executed. I needed to have an extra meter installed as well as some lights, power points, heated towel rails, an oven, and a stove top. He showed up on time and each time he was done with one task, he'd clean up. It was an honest display of quality workmanship and professionalism.


I was having issues with my bathroom. It was so much of a hassle to have a bathroom with no light. So I called these guys up. They sent their electrician, he climbed up the roof cavity and he quickly identified the issue and solved it. And just like that, my bathroom is back to its normal state. I am very pleased with the services!


I had a major renovation going on and needed some electrician work done such as installation of lights and some power points. Stephen was quick to respond with a quote. He came on time and he was very efficient so as to finish the job within the quoted timelines. He did a very good job and it was truly the work of a professional. He even gave us free advice and tips. I highly recommend him to my friends.


Electricity split in a large house and put on a second meter.Installation of lights, power points, heated towel rails, oven and stove top. Replaced a hard wired smoke detector.Nothing was too much trouble. He was a very tidy tradie and cleaned up after himself. He turned up when he said he would. I was very impressed with his workmanship.

Glenys from Sandy Bay

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